Perfume Filling Machines

We offer precision engineered range of perfume filling machines manufactured in compliance with relevant industry standards. These machines utilize latest technology to achieve the highest speeds and most accurately filled bottles. The fillers can accommodate wide range of bottle size, fill volumes and perfume types. Simple operation and compact design makes our perfume filling machine suitable for both small and big production units.

In addition to serving as a filler for more delicate product lines, our vacuum filling machines can also be an inexpensive backup unit, eliminating down time and costly set-ups for small runs.

We also provide customization of perfume filling machines based upon the specific requirements of the clients.

  • These machines are equipped with a vacuum Jar and a motor
  • The Vacuum Filling Machines have Drain & Ball Valve, manufactured using quality stainless steel of grade 316.
  • The machines have a vacuum gauge and a release valve
  • Their main body is mad using quality stainless steel of grade 304 and its contact parts are manufactured in stainless steel of grade 316
  • Electronic variable speed controls
  • Accommodates glass, plastic, and metal containers
  • Height of bottle can be easily adjusted
  • Fill accuracy : 1% depending upon the nature of the liquid

Planetary Mixer

Planetary mixers are designed for mixing ointments, paste, wet mass, cream and dry powders. The rotation mixer uses gear transmission to drive two impellers rotating in the same directions, producing the interactive kneading, twisting and dispersing effects. Both impellers revolve around the mixing tank and bring the materials inside for complete mixing We specialize in manufacturing planetary mixers for pharmaceutical, food, and fine chemical industries. The excellent deareation system integrated in the mixers prevents the paste from becoming lumpy. Trouble free motor drive ensures smooth and consistent performance of the mixers. Our range of planetary mixers can be customized to meet the specific mixing an blending requirement of the customers.

  • High shearing force compared to conventional mixers
  • Easy installation without tools
  • Trouble-free AC Motor Drive which does not require carbon brush replacements
  • Easy dismantling for the purpose of cleaning & sanitizing

Fully Automatic Filling / Cellophaning Machine

  • Machine Model: 2000D/2005W
  • Main Parameters: single pack/bundled pack
  • Packaging Speed (pcs/min): Guaranteed speed of 40pcs/min
  • Product Size Range (mm) L(length) W(width) H(height): (L)110-405(W) 45-250(H)25-115
  • Packaging Material: cellophane /OPP/BOPP/PVC/tear tape/ribbon
  • Suitable Film Thickness (┬Ám): 20-30
  • Machine Dimension (mm): (L)2180(W) 1000(H)1500
  • Conveyor Dimension (mm): (L)1600(W) 270(H)770
  • Machine Weight (kgs): 900
  • Power Consumption (KW): 6. 5
  • Power Supply: 220V/380V (50Hz/60Hz) single or three phases or

Bakhoor Making Machine

  • 6mm Thickness 25 mm Diameter Round Shape Aluminum with Nonstick Coating.
  • 100 pcs/300 pcs as per Requirement. Base Bakelite and SS Roller 20 kg Weight.
  • For Pressure.
  • Life Time Guaranty.

Storage Tank 100 LTR with Mixer

Capacity 100 Ltrs SS 304, Mirror finish, 16 gauge, and Castor wheel provided, Outlet provided to Drain out product, Variable speed drive, Pillar for stirrer M.S duly painted.

Perfume Bottle Crimping Machines

This machine is widely used in Perfume industry, where small and medium scale production is required. If there is more production required, and if it is more human labor available, then also this machine is suitable. Machine type is Manual operated and it is very simple to operate. Bottle with cap, to be crimped has to be placed under the crimping tool, where a spring loaded Platform is provided with spring load. A hand operating lever is given for actuating the tool over the bottle. The tool covers the cap and a pulling action of the tool is occurring during pressing the handle. This causes the perfect crimping of caps to the bottle. Height of crimping head according to the height of Bottle can be adjusted by loosening the side lever and slide the head over the pillar upwards or downwards. This Machine is very flexible in operation and the most economical in this series. Extra collects of various sizes are available with us on request. ONE collect will given by us free along with machines

Semi Automatic Manual Sealing Machine

Product: Any types of Cartons.
Purpose of the machine: To Over Wrap Cartons with BOPP Film by Manually.

Description of operation:
  • The Carton will be Sealed manually with Manual Sealing Machine.
  • Firstly the film will be cut to the required size as per Cartoon size with keeping the Overlap arrangement.
  • Firstly the Carton will Sealed at End Seal position with the BOPP film with keeping the require Temperature.
  • Then Side Seal will be folded by Manually and sealed with heater body with keeping the require Temperature & with operating Dot Seal application.

Scope of Supply: Main Machine Heater Body for Side Seal & End seal operations.

Technical Specifications:
  • Power Input: 0.5 kW. III phase 230V
  • Type of Seal: One Side and two End Seal ( Total three Sides Seals)
  • Packing material: Heat treated Biaxial Oriented Poly Propylene.(B.O.P.P.) 25 Microns thickness.
  • M/C suitable to Wrap: Any size, as given with the help of change parts ie. For Dot seal application.
  • Ideal Output: Up to 8 to 10 Cartoons/Minute depending on the size as well as rigidity of the carton & also Manually operation Skilled person.
  • Weight: Approx. 50 Kg

Special Features
  • Flexibility: Machine suitable for any size of the Cartoons to be Sealed.
  • Quality: Over Wrap finish at par compared with any international machine but it will depends upon Skilled operators.